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Our Fly & Buy Program offers a weekend trip to Casa de Campo® where you will become familiar with its properties and resort amenities.

We will arrange a two (2) nights stay for you and a companion at the resort hotel or similar accommodation,
a round-trip private airport transportation and our exclusive tour of properties.

VillasInCasa will refund your round-trip airline tickets and your stay in full
after your property is purchased or when the final payment is finalized.

Fly to Casa de Campo® | Purchase a Homesite, a Villa or a Condominium | And your trip IT'S ON US!

Disclaimer: Our Fly & Buy Program is an exclusive offer for properties purchased in Casa de Campo®, Dominican Republic. Pre-registration is required to qualify. Airline tickets and accommodations may not exceed the amount of US$ 3,000. Receipts will be required in order to process refund. Offer is only valid for two persons for a limited time. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions apply.

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