The Golf Courses

Enjoy at the Caribbean’s # 1 Golf Course, Teeth of the Dog, and train at the world-class Golf Learning Center.

Teeth of the Dog

In 1969 Pete Dye, with the help of 300 local workers and his partner and wife Alice, worked for two years to create this masterpiece. The dog’s teeth have seven water wells overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The name of Teeth of the Dog or Dog’s Tooth comes from the distinctive tips of the coral formations along the coast. The course has been Dye’s personal favorite over the years. Ranked as the number 1 course in the Caribbean and number 39 in the 100 best courses, worldwide, by Golf Magazine. (2017)

Dye Fore

This is Pete Dye’s newest creation at Casa de Campo® Resort. The course has nine holes on the cliff side, 7,800 yards from the black jerseys. The course is located on a 500 foot cliff above the Chavón River, where Apocalypse Now was filmed. This is the first field planted since its inception in Casa de Campo® with two new strains of grass that thrive in a saltwater irrigation system.

The Links

A Pete Dye golf course layout with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea and the Casa de Campo® complex and villas. The course design is reminiscent of traditional British and Scottish courses where the greens are small and high and there are several gaps.

Paradise Golf in The Dominican Republic

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